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Art Program Classes

Classes consist of 5-8 students that work on art projects customized to expand their skill level. Each person receives individual instruction and a learning program targeting their interests. In addition, classmates learn from each other by observing and participating in group discussions.

Teaching is built on a consistent and interrelated study of themes of painting, graphics and composition, which allows children to receive elementary foundations of drawing and develop an imaginative perception of the world.

Drawing Class


This class is designed to grow your young artist's understanding of how space, shape, line, and texture create the world around us. Your child will be introduced to many different mediums and drawing techniques.

Painting Class


In this class your child will learn how to look at nature in general, matching the objects in form, color and tone. A student will be introduced to the world of painting, a palette of colors, the basics of color studies, acquire skills working with watercolor, oil and acrylic.

Composition Class


Students will be inroduced to such concepts as rhythm, balance, statics, dynamics, studying the laws of composition. In the process of working on a composition a child will learn to be creative, think outside of the box, and bring his or her ideas to life.

The ability to be creative is the key to your child's success in life.

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